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Simple and User Friendly

The only thing an employee needs to learn is their ID! It is as easy as remembering to put your seat belt on when driving. The application is very user friendly with built in help in-case it is needed. Reports are easy and intuitive to create.

Designed for Mobile

Time On Time has been designed with mobile devices in mind first. It is perfect for workers are on the go and doing jobs at multiple sites. You can keep more accurate HR and time and attendance records. Job and project billing is easier when you can punch in anywhere at anytime. There are also hardware add-ons in development right now. For more information on these options, contact us for a customized quote.

"Time On Time has saved us on payroll expenses and time, leaving us with more time to concentrate on our business."

- Kathleen, New York

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Time on Time is a time management service built for you by DCS of New York. This flexible program is a time clock that can be used on nearly any device